Welcome to editorial desk Heart’s Content. Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, I write, edit and translate copy and online content.

Please feel free to contact me. I would love to give you more information, show you examples and discuss opportunities.




Writing / Editing



I can write and edit your (corporate) copy. With a passion for writing and a language degree,
I am trained in writing clear and consistant stories.

If you already have a text, you may want to know if it comes across clearly and doesn’t have any errors.
I will provide a close read and make corrections. Some examples of what I can do for you or your business:

For businesses:
Online content, rapports, speeches, articles, brochures, magazines, newsletters, press releases.

Private customers:
Official and formal letters, correcting formal texts, texts for special occasions.
Of course I am always open to new ideas and opportunities.


Online Content



There are several ways in which a writer can make a text on a screen easier to read for the reader / visitor.
Moreover, webtexts and articles can also be written in such a way, that they get a higher ranking on search engines.
I keep this in mind when I write and edit your online content.

Moreover, I can add content that supports your text, such as videos, audio, images and / or social media and edit them myself.
I can also provide and edit photos, videos and audio material for internet, or advice you about that.





I will translate your English text to Dutch, or Dutch text to English.

Dutch is my native tongue and because I have a Master’s degree in English,
I can write and speak English on a near native or second language level.

A correct translation prevents you from miscommunication and misunderstandings.
I make sure typical Dutch and English expressions are translated correctly and am cautious of literal translations.

Moreover, I make sure that the story and the message of your text remain intact.


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